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Mark Madden

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The Penguins are so popular, nobody is talking about Steelers OTAs.

The Steelers' players should take heed, and not attend OTAs.

Optional Team Activities: The key word is "optional."

Football destroys your brain. The NFL doesn't have guaranteed contracts.

The players should preserve their bodies and brains by way of skipping OTAs.

Preserving your body and brain should be beyond "optional."

Do you think the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl because of what they did at OTAs?

OTAs don't make a team good.

OTAs exist so NFL owners can remind the players who's in charge by disrupting their down time for no good reason, and to make the media and fans talk about football in the off-season.

Le'Veon Bell hasn't shown up for OTAs. Bell gets it.

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