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Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be a lousy fight.

McGregor has never, ever boxed. Mayweather is an undefeated professional fighter who specializes in almost never, ever getting hit.

The “action” will suck.

The talk will be sublime.

McGregor talked his way into this fight, and the record-setting payday that goes with it. McGregor’s mouth means more to this fight than his 21-3 MMA record and ability.

The pre-fight prattle will be like Ric Flair vs. The Rock dipped in Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mayweather’s mic work is tremendous, and McGregor’s is even better. McGregor can’t out-box Mayweather, but he can out-talk him.

McGregor, in fact, will be able to talk the citizens into thinking he’s got a chance. That's a key component to this fight.

But McGregor has zero shot. This is “The Great White Hype” come to life, and McGregor is “Irish” Terry Conklin. “I don’t need my ego fed…”

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