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ABC is reviving “The Battle of the Network Stars.” ESPN's Mike Greenberg is one of the show’s hosts.

Good luck with that, Greeny.

The word “stars” is used loosely. It’s mostly has-beens, like Todd Bridges, Willie Aames, two girls from “The Facts of Life,” and Greg Brady. (Greg Brady? Oh, FFS.)

Among all those has-beens is UFC quasi-legend Ronda Rousey.

Rousey is a has-been, too.

Rousey used to be omnipresent. But she lost a couple fights, flashed back into her pan, and now Rousey is invisible.

Rousey thought her fame extended beyond winning fights. She was sadly mistaken. Now she’s on a TV show with Greg Brady. One of the events is “the dunk tank.”

Serious athleticism.

Rousey had her 15 minutes. She’s currently residing in the “where are they now”? file along with Spinal Tap.

That wooden performance in the “Entourage” movie didn’t help. Zero charisma.

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