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The NFL's Pro Bowl has always sucked. Flag football without flags.

I don't follow the NBA very closely. But I know the NBA All-Star Game has even less defense than your average regular-season game. Worst of all, it's basketball.

The only two sports with potential for a good all-star game are hockey and baseball.

For hockey, that potential is very limited and was only realized twice: In 1979 and 1987, when NHL All-Stars played the Soviet national team.

Now, there is no Soviet Union. No evil empire to battle. Most of the best Russian players are in the NHL.

I don't care about East vs. West, or Campbell vs. Wales, or pickup games, or three-on-three, or blog bitch John Scott and that pro wrestling-style fakery.

Sidney Crosby almost never shows up, so why should I watch the NHL all-star whatever it is?

Baseball used to have a great All-Star Game before free agency ignited frequent player movement, and before interleague play.

In 1971, for example, your only chance to see Roberto Clemente bat against Vida Blue would likely be in the All-Star Game.

It was an annual night of fantasy matchups. Careers would begin and end, and National League stars would never face American League stars except in the All-Star Game.

Now, that's gone. There is nothing special about any all-star game. They should ditch the lot.

Just because something was a good idea in 1933 doesn't mean it's a good idea now.

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