I hope the Penguins don’t play New England in this coming season’s playoffs. Because Kris Letang just can’t cover man-to-man. That’s evidenced in this video of Letang working out with ex-NFL mega-receiver Terrell Owens. As Tanger told me via DM: “He’s a beast.”

Letang certainly looks like he’s on his way to recovering from mid-April surgery designed to fix a herniated disk in his neck. The initial prognosis was a recovery time of 4-6 months.

Owens had 72 catches for Cincinnati in 2010. That figure led the Bengals and tied Owens for 19th in the NFL. But that was Owens’ last season. His career ended at 37. The drama wasn’t worth the statistics.

But Owens’ stats are awesome: No. 2 all-time in receiving yards, No. 3 all-time in receiving touchdowns, No. 8 all-time in receptions.

Owens has been eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for two years, but has yet to get in. Call it the “Hall of Indulging Petty Agendas.” The Hall of Fame suffers from Owens’ absence, not vice-versa.

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