“He does this, he does that. He’s big as a bull, and quick as a cat.”

Not a great theme song. But STING was an iconic wrestler.

Sting was WCW’s last man standing until a brief, career-ending run with WWE in 2015-16. Sting's metamorphosis into the “Crow” character in 1996 was a huge part of WCW’s status (however temporary) as wrestling’s No. 1 promotion. Watch the video below for details.

Sting appears in Washington, Pa., tomorrow night as part of the Big-Time Wrestling card at Wild Things Park. Link to information HERE.

Sting also appears on my show today in what should be a tearful reunion from WCW’s glory days. (OK, no tears. Maybe a few laughs.) Sting is a great guy, and an all-time great performer. Tune in at 430 p.m.

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