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Our nation’s latest superfluous debate concerns a desire to make NASCAR ban Confederate flags from its events.

I’m no fan of the Confederate flag, or what the Confederacy stood for.

But when NASCAR fans wave the Confederate flag at a race, are they really putting forth the causes of slavery and treason? Or are they just a bunch of dumb rednecks mostly unaware of the symbolism?

It seems like we’re trying to make a little problem into a big problem.

Anyway, it can’t be stopped. Not in the stands, or at the tailgates.

Wasn’t the United States founded by a group of people who committed treason against the British Empire?

Perhaps we need to wake up and realize that things will never be exactly as any of us want. America (or anywhere else) will never be a utopia.

There’s also a rush to take down statues commemorating the Confederacy.

But, as John Steigerwald pointed out on Friday’s program, Steelers founder Art Rooney Sr. – the “Chief” – participated in a conspiracy to keep black players out of the NFL from 1934-45. The league integrated in 1946, but Rooney’s Steelers did not employ a black player until 1952.

Should we take down the statue of Art Rooney Sr.?

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Should we destroy the Jefferson Memorial?

Henry Ford was a Nazi sympathizer. Should we quit driving Fords?

Be careful when you edit history.

Once you get started, you might not be able to stop.

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