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Landry Jones has a lingering injury. It’s some kind of abdominal problem. Those can be tricky, with a haphazard timetable for recovery.

That means Josh Dobbs is currently the Steelers’ No. 2 QB. Jones is mediocre, but Dobbs makes him look like Otto Graham.

Should the Steelers sign another quarterback?

The best available is (drum roll) Colin Kaepernick.

But the Steelers won’t sign him, not least because he doesn’t fit the Steelers’ offense. That’s one thing often ignored when discussing Kaepernick’s employability: The offense has to be arranged around his skills and mobility. Kaepernick can’t easily slot in with just any team.

If the Steelers have to, they start the season with Dobbs as No. 2 QB. They don’t want to go through the excrement storm of signing Kaepernick, or the excrement storm of signing another quarterback instead of Kaepernick, which would be every bit as torrential.

Then, when Jones heals, they’d have to cut Kaepernick. Cue Al Sharpton.

The Steelers won’t sign any quarterback unless further injury occurs. They will stand pat.

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