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Witness the movie trailer for “Creed 2.” It’s the eighth movie in the “Rocky” franchise.

Uncle. Enough is enough.

In “Creed 2,” Adonis Creed goes to Russia to fight Ivan Drago, who killed Creed’s father Apollo in “Rocky 4.” Drago just got out of prison.

Why was Drago in prison? (I bet he was at those meetings with Trump's kid.) Why is Adonis Creed mad at Drago? Drago didn’t shoot Apollo, or strangle him. Drago killed Apollo in a legit boxing match. Apollo was unable to adequately defend himself. When Apollo had a chance to quit, he refused.

If he dies, he dies.

The whole premise is a stretch. They should have brought back Clubber Lang. Maybe that’s next. Or perhaps Rocky fights Conor McGregor.

Legendary wrestler Terry Funk choreographed the street fight at the end of “Rocky 5.” Funk told me Rocky was supposed to die, but Sylvester Stallone changed the ending.

If only. It would have been a mercy killing.

UPDATE: I’m told this trailer may be fake. But Dolph Lundgren will definitely appear in “Creed 2” as Ivan Drago. Drago might fight Balboa again.

Regardless, I stand by my original proclamation: TOO MANY ROCKY MOVIES.

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