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In the top photo, Baltimore football legend (for better or worse) Ray Lewis is seen embracing Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

In the bottom photo, Samuel L. Jackson is seen embracing Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Django.” In “Django,” DiCaprio plays a sadistic slave owner while Jackson plays his house N-word. (There’s no nice way to say it.)

These photos were juxtaposed on Twitter by Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab.

Lewis says Diab’s tweet is the reason the Ravens didn’t sign Kaepernick.

Should someone who obstructed justice necessarily be believed?

Maybe not.

But Diab definitely posted that tweet. That tweet definitely infers that Lewis is a house N-word, and that Bisciotti is a slave master. What other conclusions can be drawn?

If I’m an employer, and a potential employee’s significant other tweets out something of a horribly vilifying nature, I am not hiring that person.

Perhaps Lewis is lying. Perhaps Bisciotti wasn’t going to sign Kaepernick anyway.

But if Diab’s tweet didn’t provide a reason, it certainly provided an excuse.

Kaepernick had every right to kneel during the national anthem. The NFL’s 32 owners have every right to not employ him.

I support what Kaepernick did. But nobody can force the NFL’s 32 owners to do what they perceive isn’t best for business.

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