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The Cleveland Indians have won 22 games in a row.

That’s the second-longest streak in MLB history, trailing only the 1916 New York Giants (26 straight wins). It’s an American League record.

Last night’s Indians win was come-from-behind and walk-off. Cleveland was down to its last out before rallying.

Is the Indians’ streak more special than winning the World Series?

There’s a World Series winner every year. But only one team in baseball history has posted more consecutive victories.

If the Indians don’t win the World Series, Cleveland won’t look back and feel like this winning streak trumps a world championship.

But maybe it does. Perhaps record-breaking eclipses annual.

The Indians are a great team. Solid from top to bottom. Great manager, too.

In Pittsburgh, we got the Pirates.

Same market size, but markedly different results.

Cleveland’s average attendance this year is about a thousand more than Pittsburgh’s. But Cleveland’s average attendance last year was about nine thousand less than Pittsburgh’s.

Every time the Indians need a player, they get him. Andrew Miller last season. Edwin Encarnacion in the off-season. Jay Bruce this season.

How do the Indians do it?

That’s easy. Cleveland’s ownership wants to do it. Pittsburgh’s doesn’t.

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