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Mark Madden

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Who is the greatest Pirate ever? That debate will never end conclusively.

Is it Barry Bonds? Is it Roberto Clemente? Is it Honus Wagner?

One thing is certain: It's not Gregory Polanco.

Actually, something else is also certain: Clemente had the greatest arm in MLB history.

Witness the throw in the video below.

Clemente made throws like that ALL THE TIME. One bounce, strike. From deep in right field.

When I was a kid, I saw Clemente make great throws so many times I thought it must be easy to do. Then, after Clemente died, nobody ever threw like that again. (Dave Parker came close.)

Forbes Field was Clemente's home park for most of his MLB career. Clemente used to warm up by standing in right field and throwing balls over the roof of the upper deck. Amazing.

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