UFO and Saxon will be ripping Jergel’s to shreds tomorrow night. UFO’s performance at Akron last night was one of the best I’ve witnessed in my long and illustrious history as a UFO fanboy.

But make sure to be at Jergel’s when the evening’s entertainment kicks off at 7:30 p.m., because Wisconsin-born guitarist Jared James Nichols doesn’t disappoint. JJN fronts a power trio – Mountain comes to mind, right down to the occasional cover of “Mississippi Queen” – and is just brilliant.

JJN is 28, and came along at least 30 years too late. Free music online has killed the record industry and its star-making abilities, and that’s to the detriment of JJN and bands like Greta Van Fleet, an awesome young group out of Michigan that recently played Mr. Smalls Theatre.

But, if they’re good enough, young musicians can still record, get on the road, make a decent living, have fun, and screw their brains out. Not a bad life.

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