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No. 2 Penn State beat Michigan, 42-13.

Penn State is 7-0 and has a legit shot at the national championship playoff.

I want the Nittany Lions to win the whole enchilada. But my reasoning probably differs from that of a typical denizen of Creepy Valley.

If Penn State wins the national title, it buries the myth of Joe Paterno once and for all.

Paterno was Penn State's head coach for 46 years. He won just two national championships. That ain't bupkus, especially considering Paterno's resources and opportunities.

But Paterno's legend was embellished because he "did things the right way."

Turns out Paterno didn't always do things the right way.

I'd love to see James Franklin win the national championship in just his fourth year. That's 42 less than Paterno.

They could erect a statue of Franklin. I know just the spot to put it.

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