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WR Martavis Bryant is practicing with the Steelers’ first team, and chances are he’ll start Sunday at Indianapolis.

But the Steelers aren’t through having problems with Bryant. Bet that.

When Bryant gets back in the lineup, he won’t get the football any more than he had. Bryant is a 6-foot-5 slab of raw talent, but he’s not Antonio Brown. He’s not Le’Veon Bell. Bryant isn’t last in line. (That’s the TE.) But Bryant will never be first in line. The totem pole won’t be rearranged.

Bryant will be unhappy again. Get the boo-boo face again. Again say something (or post something on social media) that angers the Steelers.

Then Bryant will get deactivated again, or sent packing. It won’t end good.

But you’ve got to play Bryant, and hope that he’s learned.

But he hasn’t, and won’t.

Bryant wants the ball and money a lot more than he wants to win.

If the Steelers win, everybody makes money. But Bryant just can’t see that.

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