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Joe Morgan is arguably the greatest 2B of all time. He played for Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine” in the ‘70s. He’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

That doesn’t mean Morgan should be a self-righteous twit.

Morgan sent an e-mail to Hall of Fame voters, urging them to not vote for steroid users. There seems to be a groundswell to vote for Barry Bonds and his ilk, effectively forgiving and forgetting MLB’s “steroid era” that peaked with crazy home-run totals in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s.

A lot of steroid users are already in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Their use just went undetected.

Morgan’s e-mail was certainly dramatic. He said users took “body-altering chemicals in a deliberate attempt to cheat the game we love.”

But it was nothing that diabolical.

Users just wanted to do more, win more and make more. They figured everybody was doing it, and a ton of players were.

At the time, baseball fans and media turned a blind eye and embraced PED use. After a players’ strike cancelled the World Series in 1994, many feel the 1998 home-run race between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa saved the game.

Every era of baseball has quirks.

For example, players consumed mass quantities of amphetamines (greenies) in Morgan’s era. Greenies are performance-enhancing.

Did Morgan take greenies? It would be shocking if he didn’t.

Ex-players and the decrepit, old baseball media posture like they’re protecting the game. But all Morgan is trying to do is keep himself relevant, and on a higher pedestal than “tainted” modern-day players. MYOB and STFU.

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