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You’ve got to love this new Flyers logo. Just perfect after nine straight losses.

Yesterday, I posted video of the Flyers being booed off the ice at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center after losing 3-1 to San Jose Tuesday. That was after losing 5-4 in OT at Pittsburgh Monday. (Congrats on the loser point.)

The Flyers faithful hurled the usual invective on Twitter: The Penguins tank to get high draft picks. The Penguins lucked out when they won the Sidney Crosby lottery. Home crowds were low when the Penguins stunk.

That’s all true.

Tanking to get Mario Lemieux in 1984 worked out fine.

The only way you can win a lottery is via luck. (Unless it’s fixed. If that one was, I’m OK with that.)

In 1983-84, the season before Mario arrived, the Penguins averaged 6,839 per game. But now, the Penguins have sold out 495 straight home games.

I witnessed all of it. Paid dues. Each of those 6,839 people from 1983-84 have wings waiting for them in heaven (if they’re not there already).

But enough about us. What about you?

Nine straight losses. Dead last in the Metropolitan Division. Your best goalie is your GM. Your No. 1 defenseman is really a No. 3 defenseman, and you don’t have anything resembling a No. 2 defenseman. Much of your roster is the same old losers doing the same old losing. You’re still selling tickets, but the empty-seat phenomenon is taking root. Booed off the ice at home? Wow.

Best of all, it will gets worse before it gets better.

Penguins fans aren’t obsessed with the Flyers. We just love to laugh at you.

Have you ever seen the Flyers win the Cup?

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