This past Saturday at the NHL 100 Classic at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa, Mario Lemieux was presented with a painting that commemorated him scoring five goals, five ways on Dec. 31, 1988. Lemieux’s accomplishment was voted “Greatest NHL Moment” via on-line balloting.

Montreal legend Guy Lafleur made the presentation, and that made the moment all the more special for Lemieux.

As a kid growing up in Montreal, Lemieux worshipped the iconic Lafleur. The photo of a 15-year-old Lemieux standing to applaud Lafleur’s 1000th career point is an all-time classic.

On his career, Lafleur had 560 goals and 1,353 points. Lemieux surpassed those totals, posting 690 goals and 1,723 points.

Imagine idolizing one of hockey’s immortals, and then going on to be even better. Lemieux’s story seems unmatched.

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