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James Harrison can do what he wants. The Steelers cut him, and he "needs a job." (Gag.)

But Pittsburgh doesn't have to like that Harrison joined the Patriots. Nor do I.

Harrison doesn't need a Super Bowl ring. He's got two.

Harrison doesn't need money. He's made $43 million on his career.

This is about Harrison's pride and ego. Harrison wants to show he can still play.

It's about revenge, too. Harrison wants to beat the Steelers. Harrison thinks the Steelers screwed him. (They didn't.)

But what if Patriots Coach Bill Belichick picks Harrison's brain about the Steelers, and then Harrison doesn't play? What if he's not even active on game day?

That is a legit possibility, and would be very embarrassing to Harrison. If Harrison rats out the Steelers to the hated enemy, and then his ass just sits on a different bench, Harrison looks a fool.

Ex-NFL player Jonathan Vilma said on ESPN that the Patriots picked up Harrison for intelligence, and nothing else. Vilma said Harrison is washed up, and won't play.

If the Patriots think Harrison can still play, that's just a guess on their part. (Maybe Belichick likes Harrison's workout videos.)

The Steelers saw Harrison every day at practice. They know Harrison can't play.

The more I think about this, the more it seems like just a ***k move by Belichick.

Tomlin erred by cutting Harrison. The Steelers won't miss Harrison. But this is an awful lot of superfluous noise.

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