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In Massachusetts, they are experiencing a whopper of a snowstorm.

Schools are closed. Services are limited. The governor is telling people to stay home and off the roads.

But Bill Belichick is telling his New England Patriots players to make sure they're not late for practice, or meetings. The snow is no excuse. Hotels are located near the facility. Stay at one if you need to. BUT DO NOT BE LATE.

That sounds absurd. Football uber alles. You're not allowed to have another life.

But maybe that's why the Patriots win. Maybe that's the difference between Pittsburgh and New England.

On the Steelers, you can sleep in a recliner during position meetings.

On the Patriots, you'd better be on time no matter what level natural disaster is currently taking place.

The irony: The guy who fell asleep during meetings in Pittsburgh is now negotiating a blizzard in Massachusetts.

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