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The Steelers went 13-3, and it means nothing.

The Steelers won the AFC North, and it means nothing.

The Steelers got the No. 2 seed in the AFC, and it means nothing.

Four Steelers made All-Pro, and it means nothing.

Eight Steelers made the Pro Bowl, and it means nothing.

If Antonio Brown wins the MVP, it means nothing.

Yesterday’s 45-42 playoff loss to Jacksonville makes the Steelers’ season a total failure. They should refund everyone’s ticket money and issue a public apology.

The Steelers talked a lot. They beat a lot of crap quarterbacks. They “run the North.”

But when it mattered most, the Steelers soiled the bed. Yesterday should be the only thing remembered about the Steelers’ season.

The Steelers are paper champions. They don’t run squat. They need to get rid of some guys who talk too much. Column to follow.

Image courtesy of Getty Images.

Image courtesy of Getty Images.

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