Weeks ago, I predicted Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster would go from being cute, cuddly and fun to being a pretentious jackass very quickly.

JuJu appears to be right on schedule.

JuJu tweeted a pic of himself posing with a guy wearing a Tom Brady jersey, presumably a New England fan. JuJu, as you can see, is every-so-slyly giving this poor dope the finger. How clever.

That’s something a ninth-grader does, not a 21-year-old professional football player. That’s JuJu being a jerk.

The arbiters of fun quickly stepped forward, and very loudly, too: “JUJU’S JUST HAVING FUN! LEAVE THE KID ALONE! HE’S A KID! IT’S FUN!”

If it is fun, it’s fun at an unsuspecting football fan’s expense.

In that Steelers clubhouse, there are two paths you can go by: The jerk path, or the good-guy path. What would Ramon Foster do? (Not that.)

This isn’t a capital crime. JuJu didn’t urinate down the fan’s leg and tell him it was raining.

But it’s not a good look, and JuJu’s attention-whoring is expanding rapidly.

But it doesn’t matter. Pittsburgh will love him no matter what. That’s the root of the problem. Black and yellow, y’all.

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