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The Pirates employ something called “dynamic pricing.” The Pirates raise or lower ticket prices depending on demand and opponent.

For example, a reserved seat in right field costs $55 on Opening Day vs. Minnesota. It costs $21 the very next game. The Pirates charge more for “premium” foes like St. Louis and the Chicago Cubs.

I get it.

But it sucks. It’s gouging every cent possible even as payroll shrinks.

Here’s where it gets funny.

The Pirates have designated San Francisco a “premium” ticket. That’s because the Giants have ex-Buc Andrew McCutchen.

The Pirates traded McCutchen to save money. Now when Cutch returns to PNC Park as a member of the Giants, the Pirates will make additional dollars by charging you more to see him.

Owner Bob Nutting profited by McCutchen’s exit. Now Nutting will profit by Cutch’s return.

The market dictates. It’s more business than it is screwing the fan base.

But it is, unquestionably, naked greed on Nutting’s part.

Here’s a sample of the Pirates’ pricing for McCutchen’s return:

On Sunday, May 13, for Pirates-San Francisco at PNC Park, a lower-infield box seat costs $57 and a reserved seat in right field is $27. Two days later, when the Chicago White Sox visit, those same tickets cost $45 and $21.

BTW, McCutchen's return will not engender quite the same lovefest Marc Andre-Fleury's homecoming did last night. The biggest reason: Cutch never won.

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