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Troy Apke is a safety from Penn State. He is white. Apke ran the 40-yard dash in 4.35 seconds at the NFL combine.

On the NFL Network, Hall-of-Fame cornerback Deion Sanders expressed surprise at Apke’s time, then added, “You know why I’m surprised. I can’t say it on TV, but he can run run.”

That’s an obvious reference to Apke being white.

Some are offended by that. I'm not.

Nor am I offended by former NFL GM Bill Polian saying on ESPN that Louisville QB Lamar Jackson should play WR in the NFL. Jackson is black.

If you’re offended by one instance, be offended by both. If you’re not offended by one, be offended by neither. There was no malice in what either man said.

Here’s what the web site said: “We certainly won’t say that bias in NFL Draft scouting against white defensive backs is as severe or damaging as, say, bias against black quarterbacks, but clearly there’s a lot of stereotyping going around.”

How isn’t scouting bias as damaging against white defensive backs?

Five black QBs started in the NFL last season. But there wasn’t one white cornerback. It seems like the bias against white DBs is, indeed, more tangibly damaging.

African-Americans compose 70 percent of the NFL. True, quarterback is the money position. The control position. But black QBs are getting a chance. White cornerbacks, not so much.

Let the best man get the job. Whether it’s QB, cornerback or coach. If whoever drafts Jackson wants him to play receiver, he should play receiver.

I bet Apke couldn’t cover him.

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