…at WrestleMania 34 at New Orleans April 8.

ASUKA, undefeated in both NXT and WWE, will challenge Smackdown women’s champ CHARLOTTE. They are the two best female performers in WWE. They have never wrestled each other. Each has an unquestionable pedigree. Asuka works stiff. Charlotte can take it, and give it back.

This will be the best match at ‘Mania, and the best match in the history of the WWE women’s division. Two great athletes, and Asuka’s undefeated streak against the six-time women’s champ (and daughter of Ric Flair) is a simple, foolproof storyline.

The WWE women's division has three generational performers in Charlotte, Asuka and Sasha Banks. Once Ronda Rousey gets her sideshow work out of the way, the women's side of the street may have more potential than the men's.

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