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Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell and New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. are in similar situations.

Each feels he is underpaid. Each wants long-term big money. Each faces a fan/media backlash related to perceived greed, and how each handles his situation.

So far, OBJ is getting it right. Bell won’t.

OBJ showed up for the Giants’ organized team activities (OTAs). Smart PR move. Nobody does much at OTAs, and you don’t have to do everything, or even anything. Just being there with your teammates is what counts.

OBJ’s presence moved new Giants Coach Pat Shurmur to say, “I really believe that Odell is a professional and he wants to be great. He understands the importance of the off-season…and I’m glad he’s here today.”

This certainly betters OBJ’s last off-season move, namely starring in a video that showed him in bed with a woman, holding a joint, and with a quantity of unidentified white powder nearby. They also had pizza.

OBJ is entering the last season of his contract. Bell has been franchised by the Steelers for a second straight year. So OBJ is more obligated than Bell.

But showing up at OTAs is a show of good faith on OBJ’s part. OBJ understands what Bell won’t.

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