Ric Flair is EVERYWHERE in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Every Jumbotron, every PA, almost every team involves the “Nature Boy” in its in-game entertainment. The promos, the “WOOOOO!” ... the Naitch is omnipresent. That’s how it should be. He’s the 16-time world champion, he’s the G.O.A.T., he styles and profiles, he’s limo-ridin’ and jet-flyin’.

Not that proof is needed, but check out this fan at New Jersey’s playoff game. He’s doesn’t look the part, but he’s talkin’ the talk right along with Ric.

The Flyers give a cheap imitation “Nature Boy” robe to their player of the game after a win. It’s definitely low-budget. It looks like a ratty bathrobe with a couple rhinestones and spangles glued on.

The Flyers’ robe is something Buddy Landel might wear. If it was an authentic Ric Flair robe, all the Flyers would get lost in the arms. #WOOOOO

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