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Jake Guentzel is a Penguins legend now. Fans will always remember when he scored four goals in a row to eliminate the old enemy.

Hockey can be a simple game, and Guentzel broke it down to its barest essence at Philadelphia yesterday: Guentzel kept going to the net, and kept getting rewarded. Three of his goals came via charging the blue paint.

Guentzel has 19 goals in 31 career playoff games. He’s averaging .612 goals per post-season game.

That ranks fifth all-time. Incredible.

Mario Lemieux ranks first (no surprise) at .710 goals per game. Lemieux is followed by Mike Bossy at .659, Barry Pedersen at .647, and Rocket Richard at .617. Guentzel is tied with Cam Neely at .613. Wayne Gretzky is next at .587.

Guentzel sits between Richard and Gretzky. Wow.

(A footnote: Barry Pedersen is the least familiar name on that list. He was crazy hot for Boston in the 1982 and ’83 playoffs, netting 21 goals in 28 games. He was a member of the Penguins’ 1991 Stanley Cup champions, but did not appear in a playoff game that year.)

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