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I wrote a column for the Trib that wonders whether Washington is intentionally trying to hurt Penguins players via head shots. Read it by clicking HERE.

I also pondered the wisdom of having ex-goon George Parros as head of the NHL's Department of Player Safety when all that no-talent lummox did during his pathetic career was endanger player safety.

Here's a footnote to that:

Look at the videos below. Drew Doughty of Los Angeles was suspended for a playoff game because of his head shot on Vegas' William Carrier. Washington's Tom Wilson got zero discipline for his head shot on the Penguins' Brian Dumoulin. The hits are very similar.

Question: Why would the NHL suspend the star, and not the thug?

Answer: Because a thug runs the Department of Player Safety, and he protected his own.

If you can come up with something more logical, I'd love to hear it. But you won't.

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