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Steelers WR Antonio Brown went on a rant today at mini-camp. He portrayed himself as oppressed, a victim of the media.

What a tool.

Brown isn’t a victim of the media.

He’s occasionally a victim of his own social media, like his ill-conceived Facebook Live post-game broadcast after the Steelers’ playoff win against Kansas City in 2017 or, more recently, criticizing Coach Mike Tomlin and former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on Instagram.

The traditional media just quotes Brown. If doing so damages him, that’s his fault.

Brown complained because the media reported that he wouldn’t catch passes from Landry Jones at OTAs. That’s because Brown didn’t show up when Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t there, and Jones was. Duh.

Brown complained because the media reported that he said Le’Veon Bell should show up and work. That’s because Brown said EXACTLY THAT.

Brown said that football players aren’t free, and don’t really get a chance to express themselves. When Brown said that, there were roughly 25 mics and a half-dozen cameras present, giving him a chance to express himself.

What a dipstick.

Brown has zero self-awareness. Brown is a narcissist, a whiner, a jerk, and a selfish creep. Brown is the main reason this is the most unlikable team the Steelers have ever had.

I’ll be blunt: I root for Brown to fail. He is absolutely loathsome.

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