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Ex-goon Nick Boynton and ex-hack Daniel Carcillo are experiencing post-career head trauma and want the NHL to fix that problem, and their problems.

Good message, wrong messengers. I made that sentiment clear in Friday’s blog and in Sunday’s Trib column (click HERE to read).

I’ve since gotten stick via Twitter. It’s basically suggested that Boynton and Carcillo have reformed, and should be heard.

But “reforming” after your skates are hung up doesn’t undo the damage you caused via punching, slashing and cross-checking.

What would you least like to have happen to you?

*Roseanne Barr vilifies you with a racial slur.

*Kevin Spacey makes unwanted advances.

*Louis C.K. exposes himself in your presence.

*Daniel Carcillo smashes you in the head with a hockey stick.

I’m not crazy about any of the options, but getting cracked in the dome by Carcillo is dead last on my list.

Carcillo caused head trauma. The others didn’t.

Barr, Spacey and Louis C.K. are far more talented than Carcillo, but none of them looks close to living down their regrettable acts. (Whether they should or shouldn’t is a debate I won’t examine.)

Boynton and Carcillo played like criminals. If they’re talking, I’m not listening.

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