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…a/k/a “White-Collar Worker.”

When you go to see heritage rock acts, the first consideration is the set list. How much do you still want to hear those songs?

The second consideration: Can the act still perform? Still play and sing?

In the case of Randy Bachman (ex-Guess Who, ex-Bachman-Turner Overdrive), the answers are very much and yes.

Bachman, 74, was brilliant last night at Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, Ohio. He tells the story of each song’s origin before playing it – a pizza delivery guy played piano on BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business,” for example – and the result is a non-stop string of hits augmented by a personal touch.

Here’s a sampling: Bachman with Guess Who bandmate Burton Cummings, Bachman with Fred Turner of BTO, and Bachman solo.

The performance with Turner took place at halftime of the 2010 Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League’s championship game. Sure beats the crap out of most Super Bowl halftimes.

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