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James Harrison has been appearing on Fox Sports. Harrison treated writers and broadcasters horribly during his playing career, but now he wants that media paycheck. Roll over, Ryan Clark, and tell Bill Parcells the news.

But Harrison has an interesting take on the Le’Veon Bell situation.

Harrison feels Bell has more to lose than gain by playing; that he may not report for Week 1; and implies that sitting out the season’s first 10 weeks (which would burn off his obligation to the Steelers and get him to free agency) might be best.

All this is highly unlikely. Bell has reportedly told teammates he will report to the Steelers’ facilities Monday. (But Bell called that report "fake news.")

If Bell misses games, he would forfeit a check of roughly $855K each week. While there’s something to Harrison’s thoughts, the reward is worth the risk. Bell would never get that money back.

I wrote a column on the Bell situation for the Tribune-Review. To read, click HERE.

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