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It's stupid to make a big deal over the Steelers' backup quarterback job.

But this is the business I've chosen.

So, even though Le'Veon Bell's no-show very much puts this on the backburner, here's some FAKE NEWS re: Dobbs > Jones.

*Don't compare Ben Roethlisberger going 13-0 with no experience in 2004 to the situation with Josh Dobbs and Mason Rudolph now. Ben was the No. 11 pick overall and a can't-miss talent. Dobbs is a fourth-round pick, Rudolph a third. Not exactly sure things.

*Dobbs making the team is not evidence that the preseason is important. If it's important, how comes Jones didn't play in the final two exhibitions when his job was on the line? Not that fair matters, but that wasn't fair to Jones. Mike Tomlin kept Dobbs on a whim. It was knee-jerk. Dobbs' performance against Carolina's fourth string this past Thursday provided an excuse.

*A disturbing amount of tweeters say Roethlisberger didn't want this because Dobbs is a threat to his job. Like Dobbs is Jimmy Garoppolo, Part II. Nobody is a threat to Roethlisberger's job. If Roethlisberger dislikes this decision - how would you know, BTW? - it's because Jones was a more experienced confidant on the sideline and in the quarterbacks room. Here's a different question: Is Dobbs now seen as Roethlisberger's long-term successor?

*The salary cap was not a factor in this decision. By my reckoning, the cap space cleared was about $1.2 million. That's butt-wipe money.

This decision was made out of the clear blue sky, and very likely by Tomlin. Don't look much deeper than that.

Perhaps Bell doesn't like it. Maybe that why he hasn't shown up yet.

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