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There were four roughing-the-passer penalties in last night’s Steelers-Tampa Bay game. Thirty-four roughing-the-passer penalties were flagged in the NFL’s first three weeks. Sixteen were called in the first three weeks last year.

San Francisco cornerback Richard Sherman tweeted, “They don’t care about the rest of us getting hurt. Long as the QB is safe.”

That’s exactly right, Richard, so know your role and shut your mouth.

Miami DE William Hayes reportedly tore an ACL trying to not use his full body weight to sack the quarterback, as per the new rule. Hayes’ knee allegedly gave way as he tried to adjust.

Too bad for Hayes. No one ever bought a ticket to see him play.

I think the new rule goes too far. Green Bay’s Clay Matthews has been flagged three times for breaking it, and each of his tackles seemed OK.

But I understand. Quarterbacks sell. The NFL is protecting them. Perhaps QBs really should wear flags. Don’t hit them ever. Just grab a flag.

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