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James Harrison said on Fox Sports that Le’Veon Bell should rejoin the Steelers, practice, but fake an injury Saturday and not play Sunday.

Harrison is suggesting that Bell perpetrate fraud on the Rooney family.

This is no surprise. Harrison is a domestic abuser, selfish, narcissistic, disloyal and has been a bully his entire life. Harrison is a bad person.

But this takes it to a new level.

The Rooneys supported Harrison when he beat up his woman. The Rooneys supported Harrison when he took all kinds of flags and fines. The Rooneys paid Harrison handsomely. The Rooney risked a PR nightmare by keeping Harrison after his domestic abuse case. The only time the late Dan Rooney ever sounded foolish is when he tried to excuse Harrison hitting his woman, justifying it because Harrison wanted to get their child baptized.

This is how Harrison thanks the Rooneys: By suggesting a player sabotage the Steelers and cheat them out of money.

Harrison is trying to make his presence felt in the media. I get it. But, even in that vein, it’s a crackpot thing to say.

But, again, this is no surprise.

Harrison has always told you what he is. Most of you just wouldn’t listen.

Harrisons statement doesn’t help Bell. If Bell does report and really gets hurt, everyone will assume he’s faking because of what Harrison said.

Harrison and I had an exchange on Twitter today. It was fun:

What a typical football meathead. Typical Harrison, too. Violence uber alles.

Like I said, junior, go jump back in bed with Bill Belichick. You’re no Steeler. Not anymore.

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