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Everybody outside New York City should root for the Oakland A’s to beat the New York Yankees in tonight’s American League wild-card game.

If the Yankees and Boston Red Sox play in the Division Series, the national media (and especially ESPN) will treat that like the Super Bowl dipped in the World Cup doing it doggie-style with the NBA Finals.

But mostly, Oakland winning would be terrific because it wipes New York City off the sporting landscape.

The Yankees are all New York City’s got. The Mets stink. The Jets and Giants stink. The Islanders and Rangers stink. The Knicks and Nets stink. Those teams all reek like a Times Square peep-show booth in the good old days.

The New Jersey Devils might not totally stink. But they might. At any rate, they’re in Newark, which isn’t New York City and is punishment enough.

If the Yankees lose tonight, New York City sports are swirling around the toilet bowl, ready to be flushed into oblivion. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Andrew McCutchen is projected to start for the Yankees. Batting leadoff, and playing LF. If the Pirates had asked Cutch to do that, he'd have wet his pants. Perhaps he can finally get his first playoff RBI, or home run.

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