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Very interesting debate on Fox Sports between Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley: Has Le'Veon Bell won his contract holdout?

It's far too early to decide whether Bell has "won," because the upshot occurs when Bell signs a new contract in free agency.

Will Bell get what he wants? Will he get enough to make up for the $855k he loses with every game he sits out? Does that money get made up on the back end? Will the Steelers interfere by applying the transition tag next year?

There are far too many variables to declare a victor just yet.

It's fair to say, however, that the Steelers badly misjudged the situation, and that Bell has looked like a schmuck, PR-wise. That's why he was in full retreat when talking to ESPN.

Bell hasn't yet talked to Steelers ownership or management, BTW, nor his coaches and teammates. Just ESPN. Perhaps Bell will report to ESPN after six games, and not the Steelers.

Don't believe a word, to quote Thin Lizzy.

Aren't you sick of talking about Bell? Don't you wish he'd go away? "OH, MY GOD, WHAT IS LE'VEON BELL GONNA DO!" It's all the time. Frig that.

Penguins to the rescue. No holdouts. No pot suspensions. No one skips meetings, walk-throughs or practice. Just hockey. Hallelujah!

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