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Yesterday could have been a turning point for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Instead, the Bengals rode the esca-loser back down into the abyss.

What a crushing defeat.

The game was in the Bengals’ grasp. They drove 75 yards in nine plays. Joe Mixon got the touchdown, then did the dance from the Pizza Hut commercial. Cincinnati led, 21-20, with 1:18 remaining.

The Bengals were clutch, for a change.

But then Ben Roethlisberger was even more clutch.

Roethlisberger executed the two-minute drill in 68 seconds: Seven plays, 77 yards. Antonio Brown went to the hizzy on the audible.

Roethlisberger is 44-9-1 against Cincinnati and Cleveland. The Findlay, Ohio, native is king of his home state.

The Bengals are gutless and clueless.

After yesterday’s game, Tyler Boyd and Dre Kirkpatrick both claimed the Bengals are better than the Steelers.

There’s not much evidence to support that. The Bengals lost their seventh straight to the Steelers, and for the 18th time in 21 meetings at Paul Brown Stadium.

The Bengals couldn’t even play dirty properly.

Vontaze Burfict elbowed Brown in the head, but didn’t hurt him. Brown left the game only momentarily.

Burfict told JuJu Smith-Schuster he was next. But Burfict had 60 minutes to get even for when Smith-Schuster laid him out last season, and never got near him.

Burfict said that Smith-Schuster spit on him. I don’t believe that. Smith-Schuster would never do that unless he had a camera crew with him.

The scoreboard doesn’t lie, especially not seven straight times, or 18 out of 21 times at Paul Brown Stadium.

The Bengals are what they appear to be. What they are is the Steelers’ bitch.

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