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Penn State visits Michigan Saturday. Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley has a knee injury. Coach James Franklin seems to not want to talk about it:

What a douche.

The media has to ask. Franklin doesn’t have to answer. But he shouldn’t make himself look like a jerk, either.

Does Franklin believe Michigan will lay off McSorley’s bum knee, or game-plan any different because Franklin declined to discuss it?

Let me propose an alternate question:

“Coach, you’re 3-13 against Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. How come you suck against the cream of the Big Ten?”

I’d rather hear to answer to that question. F McSorley’s knee.

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia gave a reporter crap for slouching in his seat when he asked a question:

Patricia is a big lummox. He looks and dresses like an unmade bed. Why is Patricia lecturing anyone on decorum?

Bro, the Lions are 3-4. Your whole team is slouching.

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