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Shannon Sharpe of FOX blasted Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for pointing fingers and not leading properly. Sharpe makes a compelling argument, and has three Super Bowl rings to back his opinion.

But Sharpe ignores the countless times Roethlisberger has shouldered blame.

Sharpe also haphazardly proclaims (as so many have) that Roethlisberger dictated when he entered the game at Oakland, not Coach Mike Tomlin. “He wanted to be the hero.” What a crock.

Sharpe also absurdly says that the Steelers have more talent on defense than New England. (Skip Bayless insanely agrees.) The Steelers don’t have more talent on defense than anybody.

Sharpe then cites locker-room disrespect of Le’Veon Bell as a reason the Steelers’ season has gone sour. That’s abject silliness. It's also old news.

That loss at Oakland has spawned lots of inanity. For example, Tomlin and Roethlisberger blamed the X-ray machine at Oakland. Because that X-ray machine can’t talk.

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