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The Steelers fired outside linebackers coach Joey Porter.

It had to be done. The outside ‘backers didn’t fulfill their potential. If Porter gets credit for some of what T.J. Watt did, then blame him for what everybody else didn’t. (See Dupree, Bud.)

But this was about more than Porter’s coaching ability.

Porter was a clown act. A mascot.

Porter caused chaos at high school football games, often with head coach Mike Tomlin watching. When James Harrison fell asleep during Porter’s meetings, Porter didn’t do anything. Porter ran on the field when a fight ignited during that infamous playoff game at Cincinnati in 2016. It worked out, because the ref ignored what Porter did and penalized the Bengals 30 yards. But it’s not something a coach should do.

Porter acted and postured like he was still a player.

He’s an ass. Always has been. His act was tolerable when he played, because he was good. As a coach, it's not. Coaches can’t contribute chaos. Porter did.

The Steelers are in turmoil. They need to ditch people who contribute to that. Porter, however marginal, was a good place to start. Porter is a known Tomlin crony, so his dismissal sends a message.

Most of Pittsburgh doesn’t want the Steelers to be like Porter represented. Tomlin, GM Kevin Colbert and owner Art Rooney II should continue keeping that in mind.

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