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It was reported by DVE's Mike Prisuta that Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter was fired because, among other reasons, Porter tried to pit the defense against the offense in divisive fashion.

Prisuta's sources were several players on the Steelers' offense.

A bunch of defensive players went on Twitter to deny Prisuta's report: Vince Williams, Anthony Chickilo, Bud Dupree, and Keion Adams. Ryan Shazier also chimed in to that effect.

The offense says one thing. The defense disagrees. Whatever Porter did to create conflict between the platoons, it worked.

Dupree was particularly eloquent: "Oh so we just making up lies now"

I believe Prisuta's report. But Porter is old news, and small potatoes.

My big complaint is that the Steelers just won't shut up.

Consider who is spewing defiant denial: Two below-average starters, a fading backup, a practice-squad guy and somebody who doesn't play anymore.

If I was on a team that went from 7-2-1 to out of the playoffs via epic fail, I would shut up. That would apply even more if I was only marginally relevant.

So much went wrong for the Steelers in 2018. My advice to the players: Shut down your social media, shut your big yappers and look in the mirror. Wait and see what smarter minds than yours decide.

That might help solve the problem. It certainly couldn't hurt.

I mean, Keion Adams? He's not even on the team, not really.

The Steelers talk too much, and don't win enough. That's been the case for too long.

I bet it takes more than one off-season to fix the Steelers' problems. And I bet that because I bet the Steelers mangle the current off-season.

There seems to be a better than 50-50 chance that Antonio Brown returns. FFS.

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