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JuJu Smith-Schuster had an amazing Super Bowl, especially considering he didn’t play in it (and won’t anytime soon).

JuJu was everywhere: Interviews and pimping product non-stop. #LitAF, yo. #Littsburgh

But his two biggest moments were at opposite ends of the credibility spectrum.

JuJu appeared in the outstanding #NFL100 commercial. (Antonio Brown didn’t. Wonder what AB thinks of that?) The spot features Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris re-enacting the Immaculate Reception while Joe Greene looks on approvingly.

It might be the only time #FreeMealFranco hasn’t annoyed me.

JuJu also wore a jacket that featured lining festooned with the Pizza Hut logo and slices of pizza while posing for a picture with an Abe Lincoln look-alike holding a $5 bill.

Kind of tacky. But has JuJu replaced AB as the Hut’s No. 1 spokesman? Are Brown’s shenanigans (and odd hairstyle) costing him endorsement dollars? Has JuJu out-pizza'd AB?

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