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Bruce Gradkowski, a Pittsburgh native, was Ben Roethlisberger’s backup when the latter allegedly fumbled intentionally in 2014.

In this Instagram video, Gradkowski points out that the Steelers’ set was unusual, and that likely caused the mistake.

Gradkowski emphasizes, “there’s no way [Roethlisberger] fumbled on purpose.”

Who’s to be believed, a quarterback with eight years in the NFL, or a scrub whose entire NFL career consisted of five games, nine carries and 16 yards? Josh Harris was in the huddle, but Gradkowski had the headsets on and is fluid and exact in his analysis of the play.

Maybe Roethlisberger was rattled by having a bum like Harris in the backfield.

Anybody giving Harris even a sliver of credibility should be ashamed. There were nine other players in that huddle besides Roethlisberger and Harris. Why didn’t’s Robert Klemko talk to any of them before posting Harris’ absurd allegations?

Maurkice Pouncey was in that huddle. He snapped the ball. On Instagram, Pouncey calls Harris a “clown” and a “joke.” Pouncey said, “I can’t remember him playing in a real game. Def kno and can show proof on how much [Harris] fumbled in practice.”

Harris is barely an ex-NFL player. He’s a jabroni who got the 53rd jersey occasionally when there was no one else. His whole career is five games, nine carries and 16 yards.

Harris didn’t “make it.” The only reason anyone remembers him as an ex-Steeler is because of this sorry nonsense, and the clock is ticking on that.

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