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Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown mumbled all sort of absurdities while leaving the mothership, but among the most absurd is Bell’s claim that the Steelers “don’t treat you like you’re human.”

That’s insane.

The Steelers came up with the Rooney Rule, which requires NFL teams to interview minority candidates for coaching and administrative positions.

The Steelers have had a black head coach since 2007.

The late Dan Rooney campaigned for President Barack Obama, and served as his ambassador to Ireland.

Ryan Shazier can’t play, but the Steelers continue to employ him as a player. Shazier will make $437K and continue to be insured.

If the Steelers were any more human, the Art Rooney statue would come to life like Pinocchio. The Steelers may be the NFL’s most “woke” organization.

The Steelers also tried to make Bell the NFL’s highest-paid RB on several occasions, don't forget.

Bell let himself down. He’s dissing the Steelers in a lame attempt to camouflage the fact that he gambled and lost.

Bell also said Ben Roethlisberger didn’t get him the ball enough. But Bell led the NFL in touches in 2017, his last season with the Steelers.

Bro, you’re obviously a dumb ***k. But can’t you at least decipher a column of numbers? The rest of us can.

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