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The Steelers only play seven games at 1 p.m. Sunday in 2019.

One p.m. Sunday is the time slot God intended for the NFL. Every team should play games at 1 p.m. Sunday in their respective time zones.

Instead we’ve got Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games. We’ve got four games in London in 2019, and a game in Mexico.

Trump should build a wall to keep the NFL in America. How come Premier League soccer doesn’t send any regular-season games over here?

Football is uniquely American. So keep it in America. In London and Mexico, the NFL is a novelty act. Those who go to NFL games in London do so because they can’t get Premier League tickets.

The saturation of football stinks.

Here’s how it’s supposed to be: Friday is high school football. Saturday is college football. Sunday is pro football, with one game on Monday night.

Saturation = more money. But how much is enough?

Why do NFL fans have to sacrifice home games? Why do NFL players have to endure overseas travel?

What about short weeks for Thursday games? What about the health risk, and the quality of the football?

For the NFL, too much is never enough. But less can be more. I love “Brockmire,” but I wouldn’t want to watch it five days a week.


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