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Mark Madden

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Penguins winger Dominik Simon had one goal in 35 games to end this past season.

At 47, Jaromir Jagr could do better than that.

No one is suggesting Jagr return to the Penguins.

But what if he played mostly on the power play and his minutes were micromanaged? JK.

Jagr didn’t play for a year due to various injuries. But he returned to the ice in February for the Kladno Knights, the club he owns in his Czech hometown. Kladno plays in the Czech second division. But Jagr’s heroics put the team in the nation’s elite league for next season. Jagr scored four goals Friday in a 4-2 victory that clinched promotion.

A week ago, Jagr scored this goal. It was a throwback from the glory days.

Jagr has scored over 1,000 professional goals and dished over 1.500 professional assists. He seems to enjoy it just as much now as he ever did. Every picture tells a story…

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