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It’s been a frisky 24 hours since I talked about the Penguins being open to the idea of trading Evgeni Malkin, then wrote about it at (Click HERE.)

Vitriol directed at me has been savage, personal and non-stop. It’s unique to saying or writing anything perceived to be critical of Malkin. Geno Nation is extremely hard-wired and viciously goes into attack mode when they think their hero is under threat.

But it’s not me that’s willing to trade Malkin. It’s the Penguins.

I didn’t make that up. I spoke with two sources very highly-placed in the Penguins organization.

Malkin was terrible in 2018-19. Let me count the ways:

*Malkin was a team-worst minus-25.

*Malkin led the Penguins in turnovers with 84.

*Malkin led the Penguins in penalty minutes with 89.

*Malkin scored 21 goals, his second-lowest total in a non-lockout season.

*Malkin scored just 12 even-strength goals.

*In terms of puck possession, Malkin was only .27 percent better than the team’s average.

*In terms of scoring chances, Malkin was only .01 percent better than the team’s average.

Too many feel Malkin had a decent year because he averaged over a point per game. That’s absurd. Malkin had a bad season by any standard, let alone his lofty standard.

Malkin has a full no-movement clause. So he will very likely be back in Pittsburgh.

Only Malkin can fix it. But does he want to? Malkin may not even think it's broken.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders - Game One

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