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Waynesburg High School senior hurdler Daniel Layton is denied entry to Thursday's WPIAL Class 2A track championships because his coach/father erred on the online entry form.

Layton is defending champ in the 110m hurdles. His time is nearly a second faster than anybody else in 2A.

But his coach/father mistakenly pulled him from the event. Rick Layton meant to scratch Daniel from the 300m hurdles, but clicked in the wrong place.

Is this about following WPIAL procedure to the letter, or about finding out who’s fastest in the 110m hurdles?

Rick Layton tried to fix the mistake, but the WPIAL said no: “Rules are rules, deadlines are deadlines, blah, blah, blah.” An appeal is being made to the PIAA.

Let’s be blunt: The WPIAL is run by a bunch of self-important blowhards who like to burnish their power, and Rick Layton’s blunder gave them the excuse.

The kid’s dad screwed up. So correct it. What’s the big friggin’ deal? It’s just another example of adults ruining youth sports.

There is no good reason to keep Daniel Layton from competing. There just isn’t.

If Daniel Layton doesn’t run, whoever wins the event isn’t really the champion. The whole race is ruined.

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